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Cookie Policy for Lundberg & Associates

We use cookies on our website. Cookies are small text files that the website you are visiting asks you to save on your computer and other devices connected to the internet. Cookies are used to enhance the functionality of the website and your experience of it.

There are two types of cookies, persistent cookies and session cookies. Both types are used on our website. Session cookies are stored temporarily when you visit and browse our website. They are deleted upon closing the browser. Persistent cookies are stored as a file on the computer until you or the server who sent them delete them. Cookies are also either firstparty – or thirdparty cookies. The cookies that we use on our website are listed in the grid below.

More information about cookies at allaboutcookies och youronlinechoices.

If you do not allow to store cookies on your computer or other devices, you set this in your browser. If you need more information, go to your browsers instructions or help functions. Should you choose not to allow storing of cookies from our website, certain functions will not work leading to a poorer experience of our website. If you do not want your visits to appear in Google Analytics, you can install the Google Analytics Opt-out in your browser.

From social media networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn content and sharing tools can be embedded on the website, why such social media networks can use cookies on our website. Neither can we access nor control these cookies, any personal data or information that is collected by social media networks and you need to find information regarding this on the respective webpages of the social media networks.

We use the following cookies on Lundberg & Associates

Cookie Cookie description Retention period Disclosure of information to a third party
_ga Used by Google Analytics to identify the visitor 2 years Yes, Google Analytics has access to this information
_gat Used by Google Analytics to throttle
request rate
10 min Yes, Google Analytics has access to this information
_gid Used by Google Analytics to follow
what the user is doing on the website
24h Yes, Google Analytics has access to this information
cookielaw_accepted Used by us to store the users answer to whether or not they accept cookies. 1 year No
csrftoken Used by us to prevent Cross Site Request Forgery. Read more about CSRF and more about the csrftoken 1 year No
_gcl_au Provided by Google Tag Manager to analyse advertisement efficiency. 3 months Yes, Google Tag Manager has access to this information.