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Making law accessible, simple and always approachable.

About us

Lundberg & Associates is a customer focused and solutions oriented legal service provider that believes and understands that the law should not be a cost to businesses but rather a tool to set the foundation for sound business and corporate strategies. Our goal is to make the law accessible, simple and approachable for you. To solve the issues you are facing currently while anticipating and proactively managing and helping you navigate the challenges you face tomorrow.
Through our customer facing team and wide professional network we will provide the knowledge, experience and resources best suited to your needs and the task at hand. We will proactively and personally support you through every step in each task we undertake. This so you can make informed, thought through decisions.While based on the west coast of Sweden, Lundberg & Associates has extensive experience both of national law, international law and EU law. We work and advise nationwide in Sweden,

in different jurisdictions throughout the European Union as well as globally on cross-border transactions. We are trained in both common law systems as well as civil law systems. Our international experience is supported by our developed network of associates throughout the globe.
Our previous experience spans a range of industries and our client base ranges from owner run businesses to larger international organisations operating cross-continent. Examples from industries we have or are advising are telecoms, petrochemicals, retail, franchises, automotive, construction, restaurant and mining. As an organisation, we want to be defined as an open-minded, insightful and approachable service provider - this is what you can expect when you choose to work with us.
While we mainly work with companies and their owners we will answer all calls. If you as a private individual need help, please do not hesitate to contact us