T hrough our customer focused team and wide professional network we will provide the knowledge and resources best suited to your needs and the task at hand. In every task that we undertake, we will support you every step of the way. For us, these are the key elements in helping you to realise your success. We can advise in the following areas; contract law, company law, company acquisitions and sales, labour law, tax law, product safety, product liability, consumer rights, European Union legislation, corporate governance, strategy and expansion. Our overall experience covers several hundred years of experience in sectors such as telecoms, petrochemicals, retail, franchises, automotive, construction and restaurants.


In our work, we follow principles close to our hearts:

  1. Efficiency and accessibility, there is no place where calls do not reach us
  2. Only recommend what is best for you
  3. Fight for solutions and contributions that make a difference
  4. Deliver on time
  5. Matters shall not take longer than necessary

We mainly work with companies and their owners but will answer all calls. If you, as a private individual, need help.


I, Cathrin, the company’s founder, have my roots in Norrland (the far north of Sweden) and extensive national and international professional experience. I was awarded my law degree is from Uppsala University (1996) and studied German civil law and EU law in Germany. I have lived and worked in Switzerland, Norway, Germany and Belgium and currently reside in Sweden.I, primarily work with owner-managed companies and I have long professional experience as a corporate lawyer, general counsel, senior commercial positions, board assignments and salary partner at a law firm.